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Eine schnelle, innovative Methode zur Nagelverlängerung im Salon mit vorgeformten, leicht satinierten Acrylspitzen. Es zeichnet sich durch eine äußerst einfache Anwendung und das natürliche Aussehen der verlängerten Nägel aus.

The Set contains:
Prep Tips for degreasing natural nails and the underside of tips. 
It is indispensable to increase adhesion and durability of a design. Used as the first step in designing with the SOFT GEL TIPS system.
Primer Tips acid free, essential for ensuring adhesion of SOFT GEL TIPS designs. By applying a thin layer on a natural plate and to the underside of tips you are guaranteed a long-lasting design. It is safe for a sensitive natural nail plate.
Gel Tips strong foundation, specially formulated, light-cured gel 
for attaching nail tips. Self-levelling and flexible formula perfectly spreads, creates a perfect bond between the natural nail plate 
and tips.
Top Tips no wipe, hybrid top with a shine, without a dispersion layer. A thin layer provides fixation and protection for design.
Nail File 100/180 crescent, disposable file for working on nails 
made with the Soft Gel Tips system. It has two grits: 100/180.

Tips are packed in dedicated boxes. 

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